What is a Digital Stoa

This will serve as a tool to track my own progress towards a more tranquil life. Anyone else who is interested either in pursuing this themselves, or just have curiosity, then feel welcome to follow along. There are no ulterior motives here, this is not meant to increase the website visits, clicks etc. and for the foreseeable future there will be no advertising here. We have enough distractions.

The way I will get to a point of clearness and tranquillity, I do not know. It’s what I would like to achieve, but it isn’t not set as the goal, instead I will set many smaller goals and hopefully they will bring me closer towards a tranquil life. I’ve seen self-help books advertising the answer, philosophical schools of thought centred around the idea of what a good life is, examples of happiness and success advertised throughout media. Despite all these options it seems that a lot of people struggle with decisions and their own emotions, let alone what “solution” to choose. I don’t claim to have the right answer in any sense, all I can say is so far, I’m finding myself a better person that I would like to continue improving.

The title of this blog is Digital Stoa (Porch in Ancient Greek, and the root for the term “Stoic/Stoicism”). This is partially because the way I’m starting to think, and act is heavily influenced by the Stoic school of thought. However, I just really like the idea of a digital, virtual porch where a bunch of random people can gather and share some thoughts and ideas, similarly to how it might have happened back in Ancient Greece. Modern unfettered discussions, just like VRChat. I have a very funny image of Uganda Knuckles as the first participant asking the age-old question “Do you know the way?”.

Uganda Knuckles, the first VR philosopher
Now I’m not trying to add any grandiosity to this blog by associating it with the stoa of Ancient Greece where society altering questions and answers were answered, it’s mainly just much cheaper to buy digitalstoa.com rather than digitalporch.com. Anyway, this is probably enough on the title of the blog, if it does bring more meaning to the rest of you, I’d be glad to hear of it.

Where will we start? I’m not sure. This will likely be quite unstructured at first. Posts will be tagged by topics and key ideas, and I hope that overtime clearer groups of posts will emerge. I think mostly at first this will be a blank book for me to record my reflections. If that’s something that interests you, stick around. There’s a comment section at the bottom, leave a thought or two if you’d like. My way of moving forward is to brainstorm what I know of physiology, neurology, psychiatry and philosophy into what seems to be the correct way of thinking for me. I’ll try it out, and track my progress, if it continues to work then I’ve developed or adapted a tool! If not, I can move onto something else. I’ve already been slowly moving along this path for the past few months, so this blog isn’t starting from zero; I believe I needed to get to this point in my own progress before I would be capable of maintaining a project like this.

That’s it for now, I’ll meet you here next time.

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