This is really a brief test post to see whether my new workflow for this website works.

The whole website is built using, a static website generator based on the Go programming language. Previously, I would have to keep the files locally on my pc, sync them between workstations if I wanted to work on it from different machines. Further, I would have to have the hugo executable in those machines, with the path env set up to compile the static site. So while easy enough to set up, it’s not something I could edit from absolutely anywhere.

I started using GitHub for other repo management, and realised a lot of people also keep their websites here. So I decided to do so too.

Recently I discovered that with GitHub you can trigger automated workflows based on a wide array of events, such as push to repo, pull-request, etc. This got me thinking, I can leave all the website compilation to the github workflows, all I need is a trigger to check that the new post doesn’t break things, then put it in a new branch in which I can work on the post. Once it’s finished, I can pull the branch into main, which triggers a hugo build and publish task.

So this post, if it’s online, is proof to me that the whole process works!

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