Algorithms for Life: Rebooting yourself once a year

New year, new me and all that. I haven’t really made new year resolutions in the past, I think waiting for the start of the year to change something about your situation is the same as saying you’ll do it later. Unless it really is the best time for change due to circumstances.

The christmas break was a really great time. I saw beautiful things, spent time with excellent people and tried foods I can still taste in my dreams. It was excellent, tiring and messed up all my habits I’ve built up over the past few months.

Coming back to my apartment, I started saying “later” to guitar practice, “later” to cleaning the kitchen, “later” to healthy eating. A couple of days ago I didn’t push myself towards that point in exercise where you know you’ll be sore tomorrow.

Habits are just so damn hard to build up if that’s what you want to do. If it’s not, they just happen, bad habits.

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