12 October / / blog
Natural Talent This term is ubiquitous throughout our lives. Someone has a natural talent for some athletic feat. Or someone is talented in some academic endeavor. I think that the term “talent” is over-used, and the majority of what is considered a talented person is invested time. Lets look at the definition of talent: A natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught. Cambridge Dictionary Almost every human in the history of the world is talented.
12 October / / blog
There is quite a lot of buzz around social media’s influence on our mental health. Today I’d like to cover the topic of gambling. Becoming Famous In the past, the road to fame has been largely hidden from view. Movie stars became hits after years of training and auditions, musicians via talent scouts at local gigs. The internet ushered in an uncertain promise that the average person can become famous in a few moments, whether they want to or not.
09 October / / reflection
Exams I failed an open-book exam. I got 79% while the pass rate was 80%. It’s one of those moments that are at first funny because that is such a classical story, just about not managing to pass, the frustration you can share with your peers who will then express condolences and their own frustration or condemnation of the unfairness of the exam. However, the result of the exam is binary, so failing with 79% vs 50% has the same result.
01 October / / review
Underworld Recently I’ve been sucked into the brilliant rogue-like hack-n-slash game Hades. If you’ve come across it somewhere else online, you’ve probably only seen praise and high ratings, all completely deserved. I was quite interested in how completely it managed to make hours seem like minutes, turn it on and in a few blinks of the eye suddenly the switch needs to charge and a few hours have dissappeared. This is you.
13 September / / reflection
The brilliant illustration is made by CatF4ce on reddit. Weekends have become somewhat anomalous and amorphous in their meaning and structure to me. Days blend into one another and structure is eroded by monotony. The constant feeling of stasis makes me anxious that I am not progressing, yet time flies past as hours turn into months. As with many topics nowadays, attention towards social media’s impact on civilization has been brought to light with a stylish and alarming Netflix documentary.