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06 April / / books
Born a Crime Author: Trevor Noah Date Finished: February 17, 2023 Non-Fiction Genres: Biography Rating: 4-Star 🚀 The Book in 3 Sentences Trevor Noah is a comedian from South Africa. He was born of an illegal coupling of a black SAfrican and white european. He grew up in post-apartheid Johannesburg and was shaped as a person by his mother and the surrounding townships. 🎨 Impressions Trevor lived an entire life of experiences even before his career started getting off the ground.
26 October / / books
🐦 Man’s Search for Meaning Author: VIctor Frankl Date Finished: Oct 24, 2020 Genres: Philosophy Rating: 5-Star 🎭 Author Background Viktor Frankl was an Austrian psychotherapist and neurologist, inventor and pioneer of logotherapy. Exceptionally extinguished worldwide for his literary and academic works, his most famous book is this one. It’s been a staple of religious, philosophical and psychological curriculums worldwide for years, and continues to provide a life changing read to many people who pick it up.
21 October / / books
🔫 The Stranger Author: Albert Camus Date Finished: Oct 21, 2020 Fiction Genres: Philosophy Rating: Lifechanging 🎭 Author Background Albert Camus was a French author and Nobel Prize winner for literature. Generally agreed upon as an existentialist philosopher, he denied both these terms, instead calling himself an artist in the absurd. Absurdism is his topic of philosophy, and it ties deeply into existentialism. He was good friends with Sartre, however their opposing views on communism ruined that relationship.