24 June / / programming / project
This is really a brief test post to see whether my new workflow for this website works. The whole website is built using, a static website generator based on the Go programming language. Previously, I would have to keep the files locally on my pc, sync them between workstations if I wanted to work on it from different machines. Further, I would have to have the hugo executable in those machines, with the path env set up to compile the static site.
26 October / / books
🐦 Man’s Search for Meaning Author: VIctor Frankl Date Finished: Oct 24, 2020 Genres: Philosophy Rating: 5-Star 🎭 Author Background Viktor Frankl was an Austrian psychotherapist and neurologist, inventor and pioneer of logotherapy. Exceptionally extinguished worldwide for his literary and academic works, his most famous book is this one. It’s been a staple of religious, philosophical and psychological curriculums worldwide for years, and continues to provide a life changing read to many people who pick it up.
21 October / / books
🔫 The Stranger Author: Albert Camus Date Finished: Oct 21, 2020 Fiction Genres: Philosophy Rating: Lifechanging 🎭 Author Background Albert Camus was a French author and Nobel Prize winner for literature. Generally agreed upon as an existentialist philosopher, he denied both these terms, instead calling himself an artist in the absurd. Absurdism is his topic of philosophy, and it ties deeply into existentialism.
17 October / / blog
Hobby I have quite a curious mind. I love to learn new things, especially when it’s accessible enough that a few invested hours yields substantially more than a cursory glance. The more things I try, the more I become comfortable with not maintaining hobbies. I held a “common sense” definition of a hobby as something that defines your interests, knowledge and skills outside of what you do for work. It’s expected that when you have a hobby, you have likely maintained it for years if not decades.
12 October / / blog
Natural Talent This term is ubiquitous throughout our lives. Someone has a natural talent for some athletic feat. Or someone is talented in some academic endeavor. I think that the term “talent” is over-used, and the majority of what is considered a talented person is invested time. Lets look at the definition of talent: A natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught. Cambridge Dictionary